Pleased to Meet you!

I would like to thank you for this chance to introduce myself.  It’s very flattering that you are taking the time to read about me, a local boy, humble service worker, and teller of “dad jokes.”

My name is Christopher Lane-Reed, but most people call me Chris.  My long-time friends call me “Reed,” a remnant of my 90’s childhood.  I am a lifelong resident of Island County, and more specifically, Whidbey Island.  Born in Coupeville, at a then-named Whidbey General Hospital, and raised in Greenbank, I graduated from Coupeville High School in 1999.  I’m one of those exceptionally rare millennials that got to go to school with the same folks from K-12, and I have an immense love and devotion for my community as a result.  I have been blessed to be able to have been trained and work alongside the current generation of leaders, who have taught me invaluable skills and traits that I bring into my everyday life, trying to mentor the next generation and volunteering where I can to give back to the community that raised me.

My wife, Jessica Reed, is the president of our land care business, and nearly all our donations of time and material through our company is dedicated to local youth sports and schools.  I’ve been blessed in my family life, because they all share my passion for service and work in one way or another; for example, our idea of a great Christmas tradition is to volunteer at the Holiday House, a local charity that helps in-need parents get gifts for their children.  Jessica is also my acting campaign manager, while my official manager, Bert Harvey and I are observing social distancing.  This pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives, especially campaigning, leading to flexibility and adaptation.  This flexibility is an asset that is often associated with millennial leaders; we came up during massive swings in social norms, starting our professional lives in the grips of a brutal recession.  To succeed, we had to be innovative!

As the future commissioner of District Two, I will bring diversity in experience and training to the service of every resident in Island County.  While my service area is greater Oak Harbor, we need all of Island County residents to work with each other as we move forward, if we want to lead the nation in this economic recovery.

I am also on Facebook (@2020.Chris.Reed), with live feeds Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, allowing me to connect with members of the community in real time, and share what a typical day in the life of a local business owner looks like.  You will also find links to my other social media sites on my webpage, such as Instagram and YouTube.  These are the new tools of the trade, and campaigning is going to be an online gig going forward, especially in our current situation.  With these tools, I not only plan to win my race, but to help local democrats make a clean sweep in 2020.  Remember, #WeAreWhidbey, all of us!

Again, I am Chris Reed, and I hope I have your support for 2020.  I bring youth, experience, and energy and will provide local, loyal, leadership.